• “The new paradigm of diversity is about achieving academic and institutional excellence and positioning graduates and institutions to compete and win in the global marketplace.” - A Matter of Excellence: A Guide to Strategic Diversity Leadership and Accountability in Higher Education, 2012


    Diversity and inclusion (DI) are increasingly important issues in colleges and universities around the world. In addition to allowing schools to respond directly to changing societal needs, implementing diversity and inclusion practices can help to improve retention rates of students, staff, and faculty as well as help students feel more integrated and succeed in the educational experience. ISM is dedicated to its goal of embodying the gold standards for diversity and inclusion practices in higher education.

    ISM's DI Committee

    The Diversity and Inclusion Committee was started at ISM in the spring of 2018. The goal of the committee is to oversee ISM’s diversity and inclusion initiatives related to the recruitment, retention, and graduation of its population. As part of their responsibilities, the Committee will review diversity and inclusion plans, assess the outcomes and impacts of these plans, suggest improvements, review academic papers that are submitted on the topic of diversity and inclusion, as well as actively provide resources and best practices. 

    DI Internal Working Group

    • Alison Knight, ISM General Director
    • Stephanie Naudin, ISM Student Services Coordinator and IMBA student
    • Kimberly Reeve, ISM Professor and Alumnus

    Meet the Committee

    The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is comprised of 7 members who represent a range of affiliations with ISM, industries, and geographic locations. 

    • adrianna

      Adriana Torres

    • Kimberly Reeve

      Ex-Officio Member
    • Ivonne Klevans

      Ivonne Chirino-Klevans

    • cesar

      César Baena

    • patricia

      Patricia Murugami

    • henry

      Henry Ajagbawa

    • sunny

      Sunny Ghali



    As part of our efforts to improve the experience of our diverse community, we have launched the first edition of our diversity and inclusion magazine, Perspectives. Read stories from students, alumni, faculty, and staff about challenges and initiatives on topics like communication and recruitment in global organizations, AI and bias in university admissions, and the gender gap in leadership positions.

    To view the most current edition, please click here.


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